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Tiger Antigravity MN2214 V2.0 (KV920) incl. 4cm Cables (4pcs)

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T-Motor would like to thank you, our customers, for the many years of dedicated loyalty and support. Recently, we began the development of a new type of motor tailored for UAV applications. This new power plant Is intended for use by unmanned aerial vehicle platforms (UAV) being developed for media, advertising, commercial aerial and industrial applications.

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With the commercial and private UAV industry still in its infancy, there is a recognized opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Therefore, we would like to extend the opportunity for our customers to help shape and influence the design of our next line of products. Your perspective and opinion counts and we would love to incorporate your ideas as we progress.

To assist us with this effort, we are looking for feedback in the following areas:

  1. Motor performance requirements
  2. Recommendations for motor construction
  3. Optimal coiling requirements
  4. Recommendations for motor cooling
  5. Target specifications on UAV applications you might be considering - Target weight - Number of wings or rotors - Run Time - Environmental considerations - Noise factors
  6. What types of propellers should be supported?
  7. Target input voltage ranges
  8. Frame assembly specifications
  9. Recommended optimal method(s) for propeller attachment
  10. Any other suggestions or recommendations you feel we should consider!

Once we have collected your ideas and suggestions, we will pour through the responses and look for those that should be incorporated into our design. In return for your submissions, we will select some of you as participating beta testers. We will send, at no cost, candidate design motors for beta testing and feedback. All submitters will receive additional loyalty benefits just for your participation.

SKU TM0015
Manufacturer Tiger Motors

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