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HoverflyGPS adds GPS navigation to the HoverflyPRO flight control system - an expandable, Plug-N-Fly flight control system for professional multi-copter systems.

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  • Sarentel and flat antenna compatible
  • Software set includes GPS Position Hold and GPS Return to Home features (Future software sets to follow - including waypoint navigation and GPS slew)
  • Expandable system to support future addons (XBee communication, Ground Station)
  • GPS Navigation data capture and recording
  • GPS aided barometer for drift control
  • Fully assembled, no soldering required
  • Free software updates, no programming required
  • Plugs directly into any HoverflyPRO

Sit. Stay. Hover Home

Care free flight and hands free hovering is now just a click away.The HoverflyGPS is an expandable navigation addon system for the HoverflyPRO. Even we were surprised by how natural hands free flight feels with the stability and reliability that our HoverlfyGPS package offers.

GPS Position hold is like a sticky spot in the sky, allowing you to hover your UAV in place. With your hands free and your copter maintaining its position in the sky, you can focus on capturing the action or framing that perfect view.

Flight Logging

Know where you go - the HoverflyGPS constantly records its GPS readings, allowing you to track your flight, or trace your steps home. GPS information can also be sent to the OSD. GPS information includes:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Altitude
  • GPS accuracy
  • Position errors
  • Number of satellites locked onto
  • Quality of the GPS constellation
  • Heading

GPS Return to Home

Fly your aerial system back to its starting launch point. The Return to Home function remembers where you started up the motors on your mulit-copter, allowing the craft to fly itself back to that origination point. The system also records and logs your flight path as you fly, keeping these location points in memory.

Two return flight options are available:

  • Straight Path Return - craft flies a straight line from current flight position to home launch position
  •  Advanced Flight Return (future release) - craft flies a reverse flight path, tracking along its original route to home launch position. This option is especially useful for obstacle avoidance.

Expandable, Evolving System

HoverflyGPS is designed to be a modular system - one that can be upgraded as technology evolves. Improvements or addons developed for the system will be available as expansions so that you don't have to replace your entire flight system. HoverflyGPS grows to fit your needs.

Precision Manufactured

Hoverfly products are engineered to be one of the most advanced flight control systems in the world - by design. We use the smallest, most advanced sensors on the market and the entire board is robotically assembled and tested for quality control. Each board must pass through an advanced optical Inspection twice during production to assure that all components are properly populated on the board.

Key Features

  • Scalable to any size multi-copter
  • Offers proven stability for aerial photography, video
  • Expandable system for addons including the HoverflyGPS
  • Proven, sensor rich design for ultimate control
  • Altitude hold with built in control for roll and tilt
  • Automatic pitch / roll compensation for video and still cameras
  • Flight data capture and recording
  • On screen display (OSD) for First Person View (FPV)
  • Fully assembled, no soldering required
  • Free software updates, no programming required
SKU HT0003
Manufacturer Hoverfly Technologies

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