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Airframe AD-8 Heavy Lift Extended V3

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As all of the AD heavy lift crafts, the AD-8 Heavy Lift Extended can be fitted with AXi 2814/20 or 22 series motors or equivalent to fit up to 13” propellers. The span width from engine center to engine center is 910mm with 430mm heavy lift booms. The craft can be fitted with the larger 465mm heavy lift booms for fitting 14” propellers. The clearance from gear rail to ground level is 28cm; the airframe weighs 885g and carries a recommended maximum payload (camera + mount) of 2.1kg.

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The AD series airframes are complete for self-assembly and are ready for fitting MikroKopter UAV electronics directly;- an Universal FC (Flight Control) adaptor is included in all the kits for fitting Hoverfly Pro and Sport boards, DJI Wookong-M, Arducopter, Open Pilot, UAVP-NG and more...

The Droidworx airframes are a proven platform with many hundreds in use around the globe. They are made from the highest quality components, UV resistant industrial strength materials and carbon fiber 3k twill (matt finish) durable tubes for the booms offering natural vibration absorption properties. Boom nacelles are available as an optional extra which create an aerodynamic leading and/or trailing edge. These ultra light-weight molded carbon fibre attachments reduce drag and buffeting when placed under the prop wash, increasing efficiency and flight time and optimum performance.

The dome is made of UV stable and impact resistant Polycarbonate and attaches to the center section with alloy pins (standard or extended), rubber grommets and ”R” Clips for easy removal, secured with nylon coated stainless steel braided wire straps. A high impact model of the dome is available, as well as a high impact high airflow version with vent holes for increased cooling. The Flight Control Crash Cage is also an option for the AD series airframes, replacing the dome cover and protecting the electronics against impact with optimum cooling.

The airframes are featuring industrial grade engineering graphite fiber filled composite engine mounts and internal boom mounting, indestructible polycarbonate gear rail brackets, vibration absorption pads and 7075 (T6) anodized aluminum fasteners – the highest grade of light-weight alloys available. Also included are engine mount boots for cosmetic appeal and protection of wires.

The modular landing gear/gear rail assembly allows for fitting different camera mounts for various cameras and applications. Via 'camera' on the home page of the Droidworx website you will find an up to date selection. The clearance from gear rail to ground level is 20cm on the standard and heavy lift airframes, on the heavy lift extended airframes this clearance is increase to 28cm to allow fitting larger camera gimbals like PhotoHigher’s AV200.

All kits come with a POV mount - a Carbon Fiber interlocking plate construction which attaches to the gear rail assembly (vibration isolated by 4 rubber grommets). This unit is designed for the "stick on" foot attachment of a GoPro HD camera or a Contour HD camera "flat surface" mount - it can also double as a second battery bay for the craft.

The craft comes complete as a kit (airframe only).

SKU AN0015
Manufacturer Aeronavics

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