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"ECHO" Anti-Vibration Quick Release (Cinestar 8 with Cinestar Gimbal)

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The Allied Drones "Echo" Anti-Vibration Isolator Gimbal Mount is an adjustable dampening system for the Droidworx Skyjib v1 and Cinestar 8 multirotors. This highly effective isolator drastically reduces vibrations to the gimbal, allowing the gyro stabilizer and camera to do their job.

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This style of isolator is quickly and completely adjustable for camera weight and dampening characteristics by changing the position of the specially designed neoprene ball isolators in the mount or switching to one of two different isolator ratings. This mount is designed to dampen for DLSR or RED Epic-class payloads. If you are planning on flying the RED Epic, this is the mount for you!

The Quick Release System is included as part of this kit and allows the entire gimbal assembly to be attached or removed in 10-seconds without any tools.

There are two versions for this mount depending on the airframe you own. The Skyjib v1 and Cinestar 8 airframe versions of the Echo mount are not cross-compatible.

Droidworx Skyjib v1 airframe version

  • Option 1* - Photohigher AV200 3 Axis Gimbal for Photohigher Retract Landing Gear
  • Option 2** - Cinestar 3-axis Gimbal, brushless Movi, or Photoship One Phoenix brushless for Photohigher Retract Landing Gear
  • Option 3** - Cinestar 3-axis Gimbal or brushless Movi for original Cinestar 3-point Landing Gear

Note: The original Skyjib under-the-boom battery mount will not work with this quick release and our 15mm quick release rails. You must mount the batteries above the booms. We offer a dual battery mounting plate system that does this, available here: Double Up battery plates.

Freefly Cinestar 8 airframe version

  • Option 1 - Cinestar 3-axis Gimbal, Movi, or Photoship One Phoenix brushless for original Cinestar 3-point landing gear


  • Carbon Fiber Isolator Plates
  • Carbon Fiber Gimbal Adapter Plate (AV200, Cinestar, or Phoenix gimbal adapters)
  • x8 Ball Isolators
  • 15mm Quick Release Clamps (x4)
  • 15mm Quick Release Rail System
  • Mounting Hardware

Special Notes on Isolator Rating Types

We have found that the -2N isolator works best for DLSR payloads in the 2-8lbs (3.5kg) total gimbal weight. Therefore we recommend 8 (eight) -2N isolators for DLSRs. However, your particular setup may require something different.

We offer -5N type isolators for RED Epic payloads in the 12-14lbs range (6.5kg). Because there are so many possible options for the Epic in terms of lens and your gimbal setup, we recommend starting with a combination of x4 -2N and x4 -5N isolators.

We advise purchasing a full set of isolators, both soft and hard to do your testing and setup. Additional isolators are available here.

Instructions on how to assemble and set up the isolator can be downloaded here. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

* To complete this kit you will need a Cinestar 3-axis Gimbal Kit and the Photohigher 3R Retractable Landing Gear kit.

** To complete this kit you will need a Cinestar 3-axis Gimbal Kit, three (x3) 25mm Cinestar landing legs. Photohigher 3R retractable landing gear is also compatible with this system.

SKU AD0001
Manufacturer Allied Drones

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